Car Corner Edmonton

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Car Corner is Edmonton's #1 auto dealership.

Dominating the competition through Search Engine Marketing
High competition, High PPC costs ranked #1 organically


Car Corner is a used dealership in Edmonton Canada. They were being outranked for nearly every major keyword term by the competition, and did not have proper website architecture and meta tags implemented.


Meta tag optimization, proper website architecture with interlinking, aggressive promotions via Canada press, news, blogs, social media influencers as well as syndicate auto related content to authority websites. 


Within 11 months Car Corner went from having little to no organic traffic/leads to dominating the local/regional marketplace (their true service area). The website is also much larger and more optimized now resulting in long-tail keywords that would otherwise be missed opportunity. Web traffic, conversions and leads have led to a shift in marketing dollars from print to digital with Atlanta SEO.

15.00% ↑CTR

75% budget shift to digital marketing

852% ↑ROI

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